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About Nami Sanati

The beginning, the start of a journey to capture the scents, the fragrances of memories and events in my life. Travels and the aromas of cities, each with a short but impactful presence in my life.

Creating a few scents was the starting point for change, a transformation of memories from scents in my life to those in other lives, to different experiences. A keepsake from the past for the future.

Introducing the first fragrance laboratory, Aromafine, by the industrial name Nami Sanati in 2018 in Tehran. The Nami Sanati industrial perfumery group strives to create the highest quality essences with novel fragrances. On the other hand, they simulate globally recognized scents in collaboration with various perfumers.

In our Nami Sanati stores, you reach your own fragrance; our fragrance house is a world of diverse scents, and our Nami Sanati perfumers guide you to achieve your desired fragrance.

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